Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deck Rehab in Etters

The old deck was a hassle for the owner since boards came up every year.

Also, the stairs had rotted and were held together only by the ivy which had grown up around them.

We sistered the joists and replaced the end bands.

New stair supports (stringers) were cut, and stairs assembled!

The center board makes a classy break in the middle of the deck pattern.

Closet to Bathroom in York

The job was to make a bathroom out of a closet!

We started by knocking out two walls of the closet and the plaster & lathe side walls. Then frame up the new enlarged room, with a 45 degree corner to open up the passage in the kitchen.

After framing, both drain lines and water supply lines were run for the sink and toilet.

Electric was run for a vent fan/light and for a GFCI outlet, on a dedicated circuit to the main panel.

Then we sheetrocked inside, outside and ceiling. A pocket door was framed in to conserve space.

Densheild floor backer was laid for the tile floor.

On this job, the homeowner wanted to do her own spackle, paint, and tile work.

We came back a week later and installed the toilet,
sink, and trim.

She was very happy to
finally have a bathroom