Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Can't See The Kids In The Pool While Sitting On The Ground!

In Cumberland Co., this homeowner had the pool put in, then realized it was difficult to watch the kids swimming without standing up the whole time.

How nice it would be, he thought, if there was a small deck to be able to put a chair on and watch the kids, without having to spend an arm and leg!

A small, 6' x 10' deck, which adjoins the edge of the pool helped solve the tired legs problem, as well as giving the kids a better launch area for jumping!

Posts and framing up already in this picture, and Andrea helping to screw in the deck boards.

Here is the process of stairs and railing, with pressure treated wood ballusters.

The owner wanted a strong, yet as inexpensive as possible deck. We used 4 x 4 posts, 2 x 6 joists and end bands, and special "severe weather" pressure treated deck surfacing!

Finished & Functional!

A gate provides code required security!

Done in less than 5 days.

Less than $2000!

(Note: Team Patterson reserves the right to be the first 'testers' of decks for pool access!) :)


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